About us

ABOUT M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN Consulting Group.

M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN is one of the world's leading business communication consulting company that provides brand strategy, brand consultancy services and branding solutions to create brands of the future.

Headquartered in New Delhi, M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN Consulting Group has its operations in All over the world Our team is led by a panel of expert brand consultants who surpass 500 years of cumulative experience in building brands and organizations. Our philosophy - ' the belief that every business, brand or the prescribed brand promotion strategy; is a result of thorough analysis and diagnosis.

The company has been recognized to provide the best brand consultancy services in India. With focus on India and the growth opportunities the country offers, the Indian operation was established in 2009 and has grown both in size and recognition as a renowned brand consulting firm offering successful branding solutions. Notably, we have a record of achieving 100% success by delivering a more evolved and superior brand consultancy service.

We offer Brand Consulting, Market Analysis, Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Creative Advertising and our specialty Brand Cloning Training services to our clients. With a customized solutions approach aided by insights from our unique analysis methodologies, we are able to achieve our client's corporate image, brand positioning, product planning, product development, advertising strategy and go-to-market goals.

The Company was launched by a group of aspiring and ambitious web professionals to turn their IT dreams in reality and to serve individuals or organizations for their web related needs. We have achieved our target to a great extent and are continuously striving hard for excellence in meeting our clients’ satisfaction.

As a professional web design company in India we have been successfully serving domestic and international clients for the last seven years. Our web related services are unique and unparalleled. Our identity in the website designing field is of a best web service provider for all web related projects.

We have a team of professional web designers in India, expert Programmers and well experienced Team Managers who work in complete coordination and cooperation to accomplish every project well on time without compromising on quality front.

Our work speaks for our quality. We are committed to produce outstanding result for every project to satiate our worldwide clients on all fronts. Our web designing and development professionals have excellent skills and good industry exposure that help them to give every website a unique online identity.

Approach towards work at M/s. VINNY CHAUHANhas always been customer and market communication centric, aimed at providing unique and innovative solutions keeping in mind your target consumer / audience. As a small company we are flexible and work in partnership with our client to build a long lasting relationship.

Winning solutions requires the domain expertise of techno-professionals from various disciplines. The core team at M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN comprises of technical, designs, marketing specialists as well as advisory consultants who help us in evolving web and digital solution strategies. Our partners have to access to highly qualified professionals at all times but pay only for the expertise they need.

M/s. VINNY CHAUHANpresently is providing offshore outsourcing solution for web services, web marketing and online media planning for various web development companies based in USA and European countries. Outsourcing of web development and design work has resulted in greater cost saving for web design and development companies based in worldwide.


Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine Optimization services are result oriented and matchless. We have a proven track record in SEO field and we are the best SEO service provider in India. Our quality SEO services have helped a number of clients from different corners of the world in getting their website seen on top ranks of many search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. We have a team of knowledgeable and committed SEO professionals having more than seven years experience in SEO field. They use foolproof and flawless techniques to elevate rankings of our clients’ website in all search engines.

Internet marketing

Internet marketing is a field where we have shown our capabilities by helping a number of companies in boosting their online business. We have an exclusive team of internet marketing professionals having more than ten years of experience in this field. Our market research and analysis team do proper assessment of any project and then apply online market strategies in various steps and stages to produce best possible outputs for our clients. We assure our worldwide clientele to deliver excellent IT service in a time bound manner. 

As an outsourcing web design and SEO services company of India our motto is to help people or companies in achieving their expected growth and we are not leaving any stone unturned in making their this dream fulfilled. We believe in making you happy and prosper

At M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN, we provide our customers with exclusive web hosting services at competitive prices. With our vast experience in web hosting and designing, we try to create an ideal balance between web design and web development of your website. However, many of our existing clients and general customers have asked us the reason behind our economical and low cost services.

Essentially, we save costs on server rental, as we have our own servers. By using a large number of servers, we are able to maintain high uptime and are able to provide unlimited web space and bandwidth to our clients, thus resulting in lowered costs. Apart from this, we also save by avoiding unnecessary large number of employees, unnecessary out going phone calls and expensive office space. As a result, our operational expenses are also low. We understand that like us, every entrepreneur looks at getting the best service at the most cost effective prices. Therefore, we try to provide exceptional quality web hosting and designing services to all our esteemed clients at unbelievable packages.

The network services provided by us are completely top-of-the-world. Once you have availed our network services, you will always keep coming back. As end users, this means that you will never ever have to work with slow Internet speed! Most of our servers are latest technology with 32 GB  or more of RAM. So, even when Internet traffic is at its peak, our servers won't overload and will continue giving you optimum speed.


Maximum hosting companies configure MS Sql, My Sql, E-Mail, DNS, FTP and rest in ONE Dedicated Server to reduce the Server Manufacturing cost. So the same Processor and Ram of that dedicated server will be utilized for the entire Operations on server. In this way, almost maximum resource of the CPU will be required for above tasks management and only least will be left for your Hosted Website. Therefore the Performance and the Speed of the website will be drastically decreased.

However as per the server architecture of Manashosting, we maintain each and every application and software in different dedicated servers to get HIGH Uptime and BEST Speed for shared hosting websites.

Back Up

Most of the hosting companies maintain same dedicated server for Back Up Process also. So if in case server crashes, then there is no chance of data back up from the crashed server. But in our case, we maintain back up separately in different dedicated servers. So  That if any one of the mail, web, database server got crash then we can able to install new server and take all data from back up server. In case of any hardware failure also, no need to depend on crashed server to recover data. So there will be no chance of data loss in case of server crash.


The hosting companies install the whole software’s in ONE dedicated server. So if same server is down then E-Mail, Database and FTP and DNS of the website will be down as well. However as we maintain everything in different dedicated servers, then in case mail is down then it will not affect to your FTP, DNS, Website and Database. By the time you check, the problem will be sorted out. So it means all operations will not be down at a time. If one particular server is down then your website and rest applications will run without any interruption like Mail, Database, Domain, DNS.

Data Center

Our data center is considered a top tier facility in terms of network connectivity and infrastructure design. Our datacenter is in the U.S.A. It is a strategic hub in the United States that makes it an ideal location. Web data are navigated throughout the United States and around the world. It has been ranked no. 3 for IT IQ among all United States cities. Our Data Center can accommodate large server frames, data cages, and even private suites. We maintain direct multi-Gigabit bandwidth connections.

Our connections are supplied through optic fiber cable which ensures high speed & high connectivity. We have 8 different internet service providers who supply our internet connections on the optic cables. Automatic switch over ensures stability and high up-time just not for our servers but also for our customers sites. We currently host thousands of Internet web, mail and application servers, network routers, switches, firewalls and load balancers. Our data center receives electricity from five separate power feeds on a spot network that provides for automatic failover capabilities. Cooling system is very important for a data center, ideal temperature and humidity is accurately controlled with redundant cooling systems.


M/s. VINNY CHAUHANhas dell server incorporated with the latest technology which gives the best hardware resource functionality. The servers used at M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN data centers are highly configured with multi network systems. It’s reliable and secure, giving high uptime and speed to the applications associated with it.

It can adapt to the changes that has to be done for the server up gradation. It’s not only confined to the above technology but in case if our clients wants to experiment with different hosting technology they can opt one from the variety of packages that M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN has. The server architecture of M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN  is unique in its kind. M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN has separate servers for email, data base, control panel, web server etc this helps in enhancing the speed of our customers’ websites.


M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN network is done by 4 different ISP’s ensuring a strong and stable connectivity. The reason why M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN gives at most importance for network is because of the security as well as the connectivity that our customers’ can enjoy when using our service. With different ISP providers our clients don’t have to worry about the bandwidth, up time and speed. M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN  has hosted thousands of web hosting, email servers etc with our latest technology. Our infrastructure is equipped with auto failover capabilities’. This ensures the stability and speed of the sites uploaded by M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN.

Control Panel

M/s. VINNY CHAUHANhave given its customers various control panels from Helm to Plesk. The customers of M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN chose PEM control panel over the others and the reseller chose plesk expand. PEM is designed by Parallels after years of research. PEM control panel is designed in a manner which no ordinary servers who be able to handle.

Hence at M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN we use state of the art servers to make your online experience the best when your website is hosted with us. As this technology has a capacity to manage thousands of servers at a time hence uptime and speed will be very high compared to other past technology. PEM control panel is built to give maximum quality, reliability, security, speed and uptime. PEM is more focusing on the security of the server especially on antivirus & anti-spam.


We know how important are the information. When talking about security, M/s. VINNY CHAUHANhas a unique and custom made technology which helps stop spamming, virus, phishing and other online threats. The state of the art servers of M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN just not gives but maintains utmost quality when it comes to security of our clients’ information. These days’ hacking is happening around the world and the information is vulnerable, we at M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN are striving hard to give total security to our customers’ web site, data base, email etc. We are also in contacts with the best security providing companies around the world for our solutions.

Key Persons

M/s. VINNY CHAUHANhas one of the best team in the hosting market. Our different teams have made their mark when it comes to customer satisfaction and technical support. During the global recession our teams stood by and gave the same kind of quality service to our customers. Our key players in the organization have given some mind blowing ideas with respect to low price, better quality keeping in mind with our clients requirements.

They also play a vital role in bringing new changes that are welcomed in the market. Each minute detail of the customers’ requirements is given high priority when coming up with innovative ideas that would benefit customers. Every time our customers gave a feedback, our key persons of the company put forth their views to give our customers ‘what they want and deserve’. Our company’s expansion and the next level of strategic planning are done so that our customers get the best compared to any other hosting companies.

Servers Managed

We have a dedicated server team in the US who takes care of our servers and any server related issues. They work round the clock 24/7/365 days. They provide the best support when it comes to stability of network and also have a constant check on our hardware at regular intervals.

This enables us to give better quality and reliability which helps us to keep our customers’ site up and running without any down time. Our team comprises of top rated engineers who are committed, dedicated and gives their 100% with integrity. And do not compromise on security, down time etc, thus giving better quality to our customers


When it comes to quality, M/s. VINNY CHAUHANuses the latest technology available in the market to give the best to our customers. M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN is known to brining in new ideas and implement the same, be it with servers, connectivity, speed, up time, reliability and the list goes on.

Quality is the paramount ground on which M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN emphasizes and implements to give the best customer satisfaction. M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN uses the best when it comes to the control panel, servers, data centers, firewalls, antivirus, anti spam etc. This helps our customers to have a better online experience.

Low Price

M/s. VINNY CHAUHANare the leaders when it comes to low price. M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN was the first hosting company in India to come with the low price concept by giving unlimited quantity. We are able to give the lowest price when it comes to hosting is because we have our own data center and huge customers base .

This gives M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN all the room needed to bring in packages that are way less compared to any hosting company in the world. And we also would like to say that we will be the one and only company when it comes to low price across India. M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN  is also planning to reduce the cost when it comes to VPS and dedicated servers.

Customer View

M/s. VINNY CHAUHANis a company where our utmost importance is our customers. We believe that customers are the ones who run this company. We say that because, every changes that we brining in are because our customers wanted them. M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN was the first Indian company to bring in online chat. This was done looking at the cost which the customers would incur when they call us. 

M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN wanted to start with the 1 800 number, but our customers preferred to be called. Hence we have “click and we will call you” option on our site. This also has helped reduce cost for the company and in turn the same is benefited by our customers because our hosting plans are at low cost.  M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN provides lots of free products for our customers.

This helps our customers in choosing the right kind of product which they would like to use for their websites and hence reducing cost and time for our customers. This in turn makes M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN one of the top class hosting providers in India. Our renewal rates are higher compared to any other hosting companies in India. Our customers always choose to buy packages for 5 years and 10 years, our customers like to have long relationship with us. This proves the customers’ satisfaction and trust our customers have towards our company and like to have a long relationship.

Why to choose M/s. VINNY CHAUHAN.Com ?

  • Superior uptime and performance.
  •  Availability of MS SQL latest.
  • Free Domain registration with web space package.
  • Domain registration Website Ownership Certificate.
  • Unlimited space at lower costs.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • High Speed and Best server Uptime.
  • Most e-mail ID space.
  • Pop3 and Web mail support
  • Free 50000 Templates.
  • Free 500 SEO Tools.
  • Free 1000 Software.
  • Free 5000 Sources code.
  • All database (MS Sql/My Sql/MS Access) free of cost.
  • Intercom facility to communicate with any department.
  • Linux / Windows latest server support.
  • New Windows latest Server
  • New Update Delude Anti spam
  • New version of Norton Anti Virus
  • Free Website builder.
  • Emergency issue escalator technology.
  • Photoshop, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, , PHP, E-Commerce support. 
  • ASP, .NET Framework, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dream weaver, FrontPage.
  • Advanced control panel (Helm, cPanel, Plesk, Panel Force, H-sphere).
  • Online Billing System, So within few minutes order activation is possible.
  • 7 days free trial before payment.
  • Latest Anti Spam and Anti Virus protection.
  • 24 hours a day technical support (24*7).
  • Transfer Domain to us without downtime.
  • FREE Domain Transfer.
  • FREE Website Ownership Certificate.
  •  70% Discount Offer.
  • THREE Year Web space FREE.
  •  Multi Platform (Windows/Linux) reseller Package.
  • Upgrading from lower package to higher package.
  • Add on facility for all packages. 
  •  Affiliate Programmer facility to earn money.
  • 3 year web space FREE with Domain transfer.
  • Online and Offline order activation.
  • Full Control panel facility.
  •  Advance server for Java/tomcat.  
  •  You can assign Account Exec. for your package.

Our Client

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We Accept Online Payments

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Our E-Mail Id & Contact Numbers

Mobile No.       +91 954907-2300

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